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Jason Bibby

I have lived and breathed investing from an early age, having first begun my investment journey at just 12 years old while growing up on the family farm. The first principle of investing I learnt was from my father, who taught me to buy low (my brother and I would buy a calf) and sell high (we would sell it for a profit 18 months later).

Over my many years in the wealth-management industry, I have seen times of extreme growth and downturn, and have an in-depth understanding of which strategies deliver the best results for my clients over the long-term.

SMSF Financial was created with the goal of securing and protecting your wealth. As I explain to all my clients, the advice I provide is based on years of experience and is the same guidance I would give my own friends and family.

As a qualified Financial Planner, SMSF expert and Accredited Derivatives Adviser through the Australian Securities Exchange, I have assisted and educated more than 2,000 clients on wealth creation strategies over the last decade. I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve the best outcomes and am focused on building close personal relationships.

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Comprehensive advice for a brighter future

The prospect of a self-managed superannuation fund doesn’t have to be daunting!

SMSF Financial provides clarity and guidance to help you establish and grow your investments with confidence.

We are independently owned and act in your interests at all times — not the bank’s! Our team chooses the products and services that best serve our client’s needs, regardless of the institution that is providing them.

Jason and the team highly value trust and integrity. We provide clients with the same products, advice and solutions that we use to grow our own wealth.


Financial and SMSF management services
SMSF Financial are the experts in:

Investment advice

Self-managed super funds



Financial structure

SMSF Property investment

With our help, you will be able to make strategic investments, secure and grow your wealth. As a result, you can look forward to a brighter future.