Share Trading


Why invest in shares?

With the right advice, investing in shares has the potential to deliver high returns and outperform other investments. This strategy allows you to purchase shares across a number of companies, creating a diversified, liquid portfolio.

You have the choice of trading directly yourself through our SMSF Financial share trading platform, or through one of our dedicated trading experts.

Jason and the team at SMSF Financial are fully qualified to facilitate your trading strategies.

At SMSF Financial, we facilitate your success by trading all securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). These include:




Hybrid Securities

Exhange Traded Funds

Any other ASX listed securities

You have the choice of trading these either directly yourself through our share trading platform, or through one of our dedicated trading experts.

Protected Equity Portfolio Strategy

The Protected Equity Portfolio (PEP) Strategy is one of SMSF Financial’s core investment strategies, developed and refined over years of experience in equity market investing.
The PEP Strategy seeks to provide investors with high growth potential, while mitigating risk via downside protection over each individual shareholding.

This strategy develops a focused investment philosophy by limiting the shares held in the portfolio to a select number with high growth potential.

Contact SMSF Financial to find out more about the Protected Equity Portfolio Strategy.