Managed Investments

Embrace opportunity

A managed investment has the potential to balance your portfolio by delivering diversified exposure. Often there is minimal initial outlay required.

SMSF Financial develops tailored investments specifically for the SMSF market, high net wealth individuals, private offices, and wholesale and retail clients.

The team have extensive experience across global investment markets, investment management, banking, finance, and wealth advisory.

SMSF Financial provides access to global markets and unique payoffs such as enhanced yield or internal leverage that most investors can not access directly themselves.

Whether you are looking for income, market leverage or to preserve capital, SMSF Financial has a range of market relevant financial products and expertise to help.

Trusted Experts

The team at SMSF Financial has been successfully managing investments for over a decade and have worked with thousands of clients.

Strategic Investments

We rely on experience and the knowledge gained from past success to develop timely strategies with a layer of capital protection to minimise risk and maximise returns.

Foreign Market Growth Strategies

We can deliver exposure to foreign market indices, baskets of shares, commodities and ETFs.

Domestic Market Growth Strategies

Keep your money local with exposure to market indices such as the ASX200, sector specific indices such as the ASX200 Metals and Mining Index, or baskets of selected shares.

Cash Generating strategies

Looking to fund your retirement? Talk to us about ungeared investments that can deliver a fixed income return.

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Talk to us about the amount you wish to invest and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.