It’s your super. Time to take control.

Traditional superannuation funds generally make investing decisions on your behalf. Are you really getting the results you require for a secure financial future?

As well as providing investment strategies for your superannuation, SMSF Financial educates and empowers you to grow your wealth.

Contact us for personal or general advice and to find out more about detailed investment strategies.

Learn the strategies we use ourselves to help our clients grow their wealth.

Getting Started

We’ll discuss your goals and explain how a self-managed super fund has the potential to grow your wealth, faster.

Setting up your SMSF

Leave it to us! We’ll do the heavy lifting to set up your SMSF in compliance with Australian laws and regulations.

Risk Management

As well as providing a layer of capital protection across all investments, we make it a priority to keep our clients fully informed of the potential risks and returns of each investment strategy.

SMSF Property Investment

Want to use your super to invest in property? We’ll explain what’s involved and help you get started.

Online Reporting

It’s your money! Keep track of its progress and stay up to date with a real-time, easy to access financial dashboard.

Ongoing Support

At SMSF Financial, you’re more than a number. You’ll receive ongoing advice, service and updates from our experienced team.


SMSF Financial makes running an SMSF easy. From establishment through to ongoing accounting and compliance, we provide a complete solution, ensuring investors are able to take maximum control of their retirement savings with a minimum effort.

Our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the way, completing all necessary documentation and keeping you up to date with your funds progress.

SMSF Financial’s set up service includes:

SMSF Trust Deed Establishment (up to 4 members)

Preparation of Bare Trust for Property purchases

Roll over of funds from current fund

Corporate Trustee Establishment

ATO Registration

Roll over of insurance


Keep up to date with your fund’s progress and stay on top of taxation and reporting with the full support of SMSF Financial. Our ongoing SMSF services include:

Annual tax return lodgement

Annual tax return preparation

Preparation of in-specie transfer paperwork

Pay annual ASIC fees for the company and SMSF

Mailbox service (all postage for your fund comes to us)

Annual financial statements (Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet) preparation

Cash flow reporting

Asset allocation tracking

Scanned document library

Online access to your fund

Facilitating the annual audit

Investment transaction history

Daily bank account reconciliation

Daily investment valuations so you’re always up to date

Lump sum payouts

Corporate actions

Expense allocation

Dividend processing

Monthly accounting

Capital gains maintenance

Member account balance tracking

Specific asset performance tracking

Super compliance monitoring

Change in legislation monitoring

Calculating and reporting member benefits

Maintenance of trustee and member records

Establishing pensions and ongoing payments

Monitoring concessional and non-concessional contributions

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