Term Deposits


Plan for cash flow

An important step in designing investment portfolios and managing wealth is to have a plan for cash flow and liquidity. At SMSF Financial, we provide access to highly specialised cash management services to meet your individual needs.

Our cash management solution gives you access to term deposits and at-call accounts from every major financial institution (over 20), all from one central account.

Your SMSF Financial advisor will consult with you and move money between all major banks term deposits to achieve the best possible return.

One form. Multiple accounts.

When working with SMSF Financial, investors complete one application form to access term deposits and cash accounts at over 20 institutions.

Ongoing options

At maturity, we will contact you with a range of options to determine what you would like to do next with your money.

Better returns

Get access to the bonus rates from all banks with high interest savings offerings and roll between the honeymoon rates.

Guaranteed security

Your funds are covered by the terms of the government guarantee (up to $250,000 per investment) so you can be sure your money is safe.

Fully authorised

No investment into any term deposit is ever made without the investor’s authorisation. All investments are discussed with your investment advisor.

Flexibility for peace of mind

Your money is never locked away and you always have the option to break a term deposit early.