SMSF - limited recourse
borrowing arrangements

SMSF’s are able to borrow to invest into property, but there are certain conditions that must be met and entities that first need to be established. Speak to SMSF Financial if you’re considering purchasing a property and we’ll ensure your fund always remains compliant.

SMSF - the sole purpose test and
purchasing property

It’s important that all investments purchased in the SMSF are for the sole purpose of providing retirement funds. Any property (or any other assets) purchased by the fund must not be used for personal use. To avoid losing half the super fund’s assets, being disqualified as a trustee, and being fined up to $10,200, be sure to talk to SMSF Financial before any property purchase to ensure your investments comply.

SMSF – you can’t do it all yourself

We understand the superannuation has many rules and regulations that need to be complied with. At SMSF Financial we surround our clients with a team of experts to ensure your fund remains compliant and your investments safe. SMSF Financial will conduct and organise for the specialty functions in this video to be completed if required, such as the Administrator, Accountant, Tax Agent, Auditor, Investment Manager, Audit, Actuary, and Valuer. SMSF Financial provides a complete solution so that running an SMSF becomes easy. Should you have any questions please contact our experts any time.

SMSF – what’s involved with an smsf

When establishing an SMSF there are many steps that need to be taken. At SMSF Financial we can take care of all the steps outlined in this video including; preparing the trust deed and legal documents, opening the bank account, ATO registration, preparing an investment strategy, a plan for retirement and wind up.

Once your SMSF is set up SMSF Financial also takes care of the documentation required to rollover existing super, employer contributions, monitoring contributions within limits, making investments without breaking rules, reviewing investment strategy and performance, and, documenting and maintain records.

On an annual basis SMSF Financial will conduct and organise the functions on this video including valuing assets, preparing accounts and statements, auditing the fund, lodge the annual tax return, pay the annual SMSF levy, and pay any tax that is due.

When the fund starts making super payments (such as pensions or lump sums) SMSF Financial will be able to assist and advise you on selling assets, check any minimum payments are made, appoint an actuary, withhold tax, and give payment summaries to member and the ATO.

When the fund is finished SMSF Financial will organise for the final audit, lodge the final return, pay any outstanding tax, and pay out or rollover any of the assets.

SMSF Financial offers a complete solution covering all points mentioned in this ATO video, ensuring that establishing and running an SMSF are seamless and easy for investors.

SMSF – loans and early access

Superannuation regulation strictly prohibits the lending of money from a super fund to a family member or relative. It also strictly prohibits a family member or relative using any assets (property) owned by the SMSF. Breaching these rules may result in the fund being made non-complying and the fund could lose almost half its assets in tax to the ATO, as well as the trustee being disqualified from being a trustee. If you are unsure about how an SMSF can lend money or use assets please contact SMSF Financial and we will be happy to assist